Trailblazers General Rules

1. If you are late to co-op, please wait for the next class to start.
2. Stay inside the building unless a teacher or your parent/ guardian is with you.
3. Because we have a waiting list of students, families are expected to attend classes every week unless you have an illness or family emergency.
4. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find replacement for any of your volunteer positions and let a leader know.
5. If your child has been sick, please make sure they have been fever free and not throwing up for 24 hours before bringing them to co-op.
6. A parent (or other designated adult) must remain on the premises during co-op.

Classroom Rules

1. Do not talk when the teacher is talking and be respectful to other students while they are talking.
2. Raise your hand in class and during group meetings.
3. Appropriate speech is required- no potty talk or foul language.
4. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
5. Participation during class and in class activities is required. This includes possible age appropriate homework that may be given in some classes.
6. Please keep bathrooms clean and help clean up the building after co-op is finished. 
7. Respect the building and items in the building and on the grounds. 

Discipline Policy

We understand that disciplinary actions sometimes need to take place. If your child does not follow rules, teachers will follow this procedure:
1. Teacher will give child a warning
2. Child will have to sit by teacher.
3. Parent must sit with child in class or take child out of class.