Co-op Classes

Our co-op meets on Fridays in Moore, OK. 

Classes are from 9:45 AM- 12:15 PM. Families are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch and head to Buck Thomas Park after classes for fellowship and free play.  

We offer classes for pre K- 12th grade. The kids are divided into age groups and attend three 45 minute classes. Each grade level has PE as one of their classes and the other two vary depending on what parents volunteer to teach. Some examples of past classes are: Art, Personal Finance, Robotics, Literature, Creative Writing, Musical Story Time, Spanish, Journalism, Handicrafts, Cooking and Science.

The cost for co-op is $50 per family per year. 


Current class Schedule:

Coming Soon!


Other Activities 

In addition to weekly classes, Trailblazers Homeschool Association offers a number of other activities to provide enrichment and support homeschool families:

  • Two field trips per semester- These are on days other than Fridays and are optional. We ensure that children of all ages can attend all field trips, but rotate the age level that the field trips are geared toward. Some past field trips are to a fire station, weather center, art museum, and nature center.
  • Class parties- Christmas and Valentines and an end of the year party. These are held on Fridays, in place of classes.
  • Monthly moms' night- we meet at local coffee shops or restaurants to build friendships and support.
  • Theater club- for PreK- 12th grade that meets at 9:00 0n Fridays (right before co-op classes). The play will be held in the spring at Randall University. Kids are required to audition with our theater director to ensure that they will be willing to put in the time to practice, come to class, and memorize lines. The cost for theater is a $25 fee per child due at enrollment and a $25 production fee due in January. We will hold two fundraisers throughout the year to help further offset fees.

To Enroll

All new enrollment is taken from our active waiting list.  Classes fill up fast! if you are interested in joining us, please email us to be placed on our waiting list.